Original Painting
"Cielo Canth"
Dimensions: 37"h x 50"w
Medium: watercolor, gouache, graphite, wax crayon

The title of this work is a play on words: "cielo" means sky in Italian, and a "coelacanth" is an ancient fish (from the Paleozoic and Mesozoic eras), ancestors of which, possibly, have survived into the present day.

"Cielo Canth" is also available, in limited editions, as signed and numbered giclee prints, unframed:

14" x 18" on Photo Rag      edition of 200:  $150.00
20" x 26" on Photo Rag     edition of 50:    $300.00
30" x 39" on Photo Rag     edition of 10:    $550.00